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Must Save Jane composer Lee Baker goes epic & ethereal for the new Rush trailer

Rush Trailer

Must Save Jane composer Lee Baker goes epic & ethereal for the new Rush trailer
  • Must Save Jane track 'Digital Decimation' lands a sync in the new Percy Jackson trailer

    Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters Trailer

    Must Save Jane track 'Digital Decimation' lands a sync in the new Percy Jackson trailer
  • Chris Lewis track 'Smile' from album 41 Uplifting Acoustic Indie Folk used for About Time trailer

    About Time Trailer

    Chris Lewis track 'Smile' from album 41 Uplifting Acoustic Indie Folk used for About Time trailer
  • Hand Drawn's Chris Lewis keeps it fun and exciting for the latest Netflix ad. Go to our Vimeo to see it.

    Netflix Kids commercial

    Hand Drawn's Chris Lewis keeps it fun and exciting for the latest Netflix ad. Go to our Vimeo to see it.
  • Must Save Jane composer Lee Baker goes epic & ethereal for the new Rush trailer

    Rush Trailer

    Must Save Jane composer Lee Baker goes epic & ethereal for the new Rush trailer
  • Ethereal Supernova

    Ethereal Supernova

    Traces of parallel realities, futures and pasts, a vortex! Am I dead? Is this heaven? Holy shit, Jane's not human... She's a Universe!!! Premium trailer cues for motion picture advertising.

  • Electro-Pop Promo

    Electro-Pop Promo

    Energetic electronic and vocal pop. Massive beats, quick cuts and gear changes for easy editing.

  • Feeling Brazil

    Feeling Brazil

    The authentic sound of Brazilian Samba, Salsa, Bossa and Tropicalia. Festive big-event grooves with bags of feeling.

  • Innovation


    Tuneful modern and optimistic, classical instrumentation and percussion. This album's for "the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world".

  • Wholesome Acoustic Guitars

    Wholesome Acoustic Guitars

    Escaping to the country in ya MG convertable. You've seen idyllic grand designs and now on to Jamie's for some barbecued Wood Pigeon

  • Gigantic Hybrid Trailers

    Gigantic Hybrid Trailers

    Multidimensional universes collapsing in on themselves in a cataclysmic display of wonder and awe. Jane's at the centre of Orion's core. Premium trailer cues for motion picture advertising.

  • True Magic

    True Magic

    In my search for Jane, I've traveled through time and space. I've heard things you wouldn't believe. Premium trailer cues for motion picture advertising.

  • Hip Hop Empire

    Hip Hop Empire

    Turn your bass up, flick the hydraulics switch and make your ass vibrate. Here's your taster menu of bass-heavy, head nodding beats. Straight gangsta.

  • Independent Girlz

    Independent Girlz

    The sexy sound of the pop charts, with the spotlight on R&B, disco & funk. Floor fillers for your Friday night!

  • UK Urban Pop

    UK Urban Pop

    Expect the freshest in UK hip hop, rap, grime, and electronic pop production. An album that nods to a movement in UK urban music which fuses all the best genres into one!

  • Massive Electro Promo

    Massive Electro Promo

    High energy electronic cues. Bursting with big production riffs and beats. Quick cuts and gear changes for easy editing.

  • Lifestyle Funky

    Lifestyle Funky

    Real people, real lives. Buying homes, selling cars. Dodgy deals, cooking and shopping. Keeping it fun and funky all the way.

  • The Wesson-Dooley Drones

    The Wesson-Dooley Drones

    In a deep underground laboratory I can see two scientists working on some kinda... Wait! whats that? I can hear something strange!

  • Indie Fest

    Indie Fest

    The ten thousand tent guitar returns. An inspired indie-rock experience. Music supervision by Trailer Media.

  • Ethereal Electronic-Pop

    Ethereal Electronic-Pop

    Fashionable electro-pop, chunky synths, sonic soundscapes, Ryan Gosling would love this album.

  • Hard Rock

    Hard Rock

    Leather trousers, padlock necklace, long hair and guitars lowered to the knees. Music to kick butt to.

  • Fantasy Adventure

    Fantasy Adventure

    Into the unknown, our hero's quest begins. Through wonders and glorious battle he must see his nemesis fall. And for what? His love, his lost soul: Jane! Music for motion picture advertising.

  • Cinematic Drones

    Cinematic Drones

    My senses are going crazy. It's like someone's watching head is pounding! Drones for motion picture advertising.

  • Explosive Drums

    Explosive Drums

    Now that is what I call a car! Better buckle in honey, you is gonna witness shiz you thought was only possible in cartoons... Drums & Percussion for motion picture advertising.

  • Quirky Fun

    Quirky Fun

    Oh matron! How much crazy, slapstick-ing, prat-falling, cheezy fun, can you pack into one album? Lovely jubbly!

  • Epic Orchestral Hybrid

    Epic Orchestral Hybrid

    The hero brings his mighty hammer crashing into the mega-droid's skull. Too late, the entire universe is going supernova. Premium trailer cues for motion picture advertising.

  • Sound Design Trailer Tools

    Sound Design Trailer Tools

    High quality trailer sounds for when you need to add BAM!, BOOM! and KAPOW! to your movie.

  • Harry Waters Jazz Quartet

    Harry Waters Jazz Quartet

    Harry Waters gives us a laid back jazzy bubble-bath / 1950s early modern melodic jazz inspired by early Miles Davis, Bill Evans & Herbie Hancock

  • Dubstep Essentials

    Dubstep Essentials

    Phat, wobbly bass / Featuring Europe’s craziest dubstep and bass music composers and producers. Music supervision by Trailer Media

  • Uplifting Acoustic Indie Folk

    Uplifting Acoustic Indie Folk

    Hand Drawn star Christopher Lewis returns with this acoustic pleasure boat of folky beauties / Featuring Beck Goldsmith, Sally Hossack and John Beasley

  • Inspirational


    Minimalist to electronica & baroque pop / Inspirational music for all story tellers.

  • Wholesome Christmas

    Wholesome Christmas

    From Santa's magical orchestra to radio friendly festive pop. Sit by the fire and give this a play.

  • The Piano Collection

    The Piano Collection

    Minimalist piano masterpieces, thought provoking and magical

  • Future Dance

    Future Dance

    An off-kilter blend of dance genres, exploring future garage, electronic and Chicago house.

  • Widescreen Indie

    Widescreen Indie

    The ten thousand tent guitar; an epic indie-rock experience. Music supervision by Trailer Media

  • Artronica


    Glitchy, sparkling, madcap beats. Alex Palmi's eccentric sound collages put a smile on your face

  • Alternative Gypsy & Folk

    Alternative Gypsy & Folk

    My big fat thigh slapping, barn dancing, eastern European traveling, Mexican flavoured album

  • World Travel

    World Travel

    Master musician Dominik Johnson brings you beautifully orchestrated ethnic instrumentation / scenes from around the globe

  • Valve Rock

    Valve Rock

    It's only monster classic guitar led punk-pop, rock & roll, but we like it!

  • The Olympic Collection

    The Olympic Collection

    A tailored playlist of music for the largest sporting event on the planet / inspiring stories and exhilarating finishes.

  • Ultra Nu-Rock Trailers

    Ultra Nu-Rock Trailers

    Super slick, hard action rocktronica / massive beats with thick heavy guitars. Ave it!

  • Cinematic Ambient

    Cinematic Ambient

    Contemporary ambient electronica / meticulous, building lush arrangements

  • TV Drama: Weird & Wonder

    TV Drama: Weird & Wonder

    We live in a strange world, with odd people living bizarre lives. But how do they sound?

  • TV Drama: Alternative

    TV Drama: Alternative

    An inspired indie and experimental soundtrack to cutting-edge programming

  • TV Drama: Tension Beds

    TV Drama: Tension Beds

    From retro to modern / dramatic underscores that have us on the edge of our seats

  • TV Drama: Strings & Beats

    TV Drama: Strings & Beats

    Heroic contest, hard justice, a cry for freedom, who will prevail? Let the orchestral strings rip through your heart and feel the power of gods' crushing rhythm.

  • Electro Promo

    Electro Promo

    Production secrets only few know, Huw Williams is back with a promo maker's new best friend. When you need it hard & fast, slap this bad boy of an album into action!

  • Post Dubstep

    Post Dubstep

    Soulful ambient sounds with clinically placed beats & retro samples. 2011 gave birth to this contemporary fusion of Dubstep influenced by 2 step, UK Garage & R&B.

  • Cinematic Guitars

    Cinematic Guitars

    From atmospheric soundscapes to the driving and intense, composer Morten Billcliff delivers an intriguing and exceptional collection of guitar-inspired moods. An audiophiles dream

  • Quirky Werky

    Quirky Werky

    From big bands to cheeky ditties. If you find it funny when someone falls over, you'll probably like this album.

  • Power To The Girls

    Power To The Girls

    It's Friday night and we're hitting the town. This female focused pop album is confident, cool, sexy and modern, it has punchy licks and razor-sharp production. Ready to party? Hell yeah!!!

  • Epic Ethnic

    Epic Ethnic

    Massive tunes from around the planet, with trailer and promo durations. When the weight of the world rests on your shoulders, let the ethnic flavours stir you.

  • Hand Drawn And Happy

    Hand Drawn And Happy

    Music superfood, bringing summer time, optimism, nostalgia and love, beaming with modern sophistication but always pointing to the magical memories of the past. Chris Lewis knows how to make us feel good.

  • Café Deluxe

    Café Deluxe

    Think sharp suits and cocktails, deals and hustles. Fast cars into the sunset, laying on a beach and soaking up the sun.

  • Classic Narrative

    Classic Narrative

    Gracefully layered strings and woven melodies with an eye on adventure. BBC young composer of the year winner Elizabeth Levine is becoming one of the finest modern day composers around.

  • Indie Star Anthems 2

    Indie Star Anthems 2

    More no-nonsense euphoric guitar slammers. Mark Cook and his band have recorded an album of headline spectaculars. Lets drive baby.

  • Alpha Echo

    Alpha Echo

    Uplifting and chilled: multi talented young composer Tim Oliver produces a modern day sound that is truly impressive. Armed with a spaceship of vintage Minimoogs, CS80s, DX7s, Arps, and a Jupiter-8 he gives us 'Alpha Echo'.

  • School Of Punk

    School Of Punk

    From the garage to the stage, this is the attitude of the thrill seeking youth and their soundtrack of modern punk-rock: high energy and alternative. Graffiti artists in the suburbs to high octane extreme sports.

  • X-Ray Kids

    X-Ray Kids

    The pop-friendly, art noise, indie sound of our time, with a recipe of angular guitars, trashy synths and a splash of psychedelia, served up with uber-cool hair cuts.

  • Trailer Tools

    Trailer Tools

    The essential DIY trailer construction kit, slamming hits, suspenseful drones, intrigue intros, huge rises. Exceptional sound design for cutting edge trailers.

  • Postmodern Piano Score

    Postmodern Piano Score

    James Reynolds gives us 14 perfectly crafted piano tales. His filmic approach sits alongside the likes of Philip Glass, Michael Nyman and Yann Tiersen. There's minimalist magic here.

  • Ambient Breakbeat

    Ambient Breakbeat

    Techno, cyber, twisted and intrigue are some of the adjectives to describe this complex album. It's fusion of experimental landscapes create an atmospheric soundtrack to the dramatic.

  • Robot Dance

    Robot Dance

    Think Daft Punk, Justice and Boyz Noise. This slamming, head banging album takes electro-dance-punk to the next level. Turn it up and let the robots do the talking.

  • World Cinema

    World Cinema

    Elizabeth Levine is one of the brightest young classical talents around. Let her take you on a journey of lush strings and poignant pianos, covering 12 moods from war to love, Great served with History, perfect served with indie cinema.

  • Trailer Boom

    Trailer Boom

    Futuristic sci-fi blockbuster trailers, intense and exciting. Trailer Boom is the album that delivers the indescribable dynamic sounds and FX that leave you thinking "Wow, I gotta see that". Check out stem packs for individual elements.

  • House Workout

    House Workout

    Here Simeon Bowring unites varying influences from the Hed Kandi collections, Eric Prydz and Deadmau5. This is in-the-sun house music, big beats and squidgy synths, it's 5am and we still want to party!

  • Folk-Inspired Acoustica

    Folk-Inspired Acoustica

    This Francois Perez album has been likened to Jose Gonzalez, Jack Johnson and Nick Drake, these intimate acoustic guitar songs create the feeling of summer festivals and good times.

  • Electro Chic

    Electro Chic

    From the same world as La Roux, Frank Musik and Hot Chip, William Connolly and Le Prince present these synth-pop goodies. We have up-beat floor fillers to quirky beeps and blips, lets party.

  • Underworld Drama

    Underworld Drama

    A fresh look at drama moods, this album is worldly and exotic, unexpected and bold. You'll hear underworld crime, fast action, intrigue and urban grit.

  • Indie Star Anthems

    Indie Star Anthems

    If you like Snow Patrol, Radiohead, Coldplay and Sigur Ros, then you'll love this collection of indie rock anthems, Big tunes to get you in the mood to take on the world.

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